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If you are interested in selling the newest and most progressive line in Orthopedic Recovery Products, there are several opportunities available across the country.

Top Shelf Orthopedics was created by a management team with more than 100 years of "in the trenches" experience. It is our goal to break the mold of traditional orthopedic bracing and appliance manufacturers currently across the country, by valuing our physicians, their patients, and our sales force. It is these very people who will continue to provide us the feedback and necessary insight, as we continually expand our bracing and rehabilitative line.

Our sight is set towards meeting the changing needs of our population, and doing it in an economically responsible manner in today's ever changing insurance environment and challenging economic times. Our approach takes a manufacturing group, which is comprised of many of the industries pioneers and couples them with the most dynamic sales and marketing organizations in the industry.

In order to contact us and submit a resume, please click the email link below. Make sure to attach your RESUME and brief Cover Letter as a Word Document.